Thailand Restaurant News: World Chef World Cuisine
April 2009
Award-winning Adrian O’Herlihy is a highly successful executive
chef with extensive multinational experience and strong customer
service background... read more

Sofitel Centara Grand Hotel & Villas - Hua Hin, Thailand
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The Sofitel Centara Grand Hotel & Villas was the Kingdom’s first resort hotel, built on
an idellic seaside setting in 1923 and has been updated to all the most modern amenities... read more

A Suitcase of flavours
The Nation Recipes, Sep 17 2008
Using his classical French culinary roots and nine years of experience in Asian countries, Adrian O'Herlihy has created a light, fresh and colourful cuisine... read more
A French Kiss with Asian Flavour
The Nation, September 14 2008
Chef Adrian O'Herlihy playes some delightful games with his customers' tongues at Hua Hins Palm Seafood Pavilion... read more

Dairy board milks Chinese market
Sunday Tribune, April 2006
The Irish Dairy borad is pushing butter and cheese in China, despite local antipathy to dairy products... read more